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The Urban Elite Network® reaches more than

6 million households each week! Through our Roku and Amazon Fire channels. Our Media Outlet shares the journey and lifestyles of powerful & thriving talent in Business & African American Entrepreneurs… (we also sprinkle in a few Celebrities, and Influencers every now and again!)

When you become a part of our television community you’ll Increase your visibility & exposure, you’ll gain television authority that will keep you leading in your niche, & you’ll be apart of a winning team making moves with media.

It’s time to pull out your brag bank & let the world know why they should be partnering with you, your products and your services.

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Becoming seen, known and heard is your most important goals as a business owner!

Vibrate higher and get the results you need to gain credibility and exposure

Filming times: 10:00 CST – 11:00 CST




What happens after registration?

Once you are registered for the show, we will walk you step-by-step through the production process to ensure you have a seamless experience on The CW Network.  

We provide you with two social media graphics to help you easily promote your upcoming TV segment.  These graphics will include your photo, The CW logo, the time of broadcast, and website. It will arrive in a 1080 x 1080 and Landscape the Thursday before broadcasting.

We will provide you with the 30 second TV commercial for that week’s episode!

The Monday after your Saturday broadcast you will receive a sharable link to the full 30 minute episode – you may use this however you’d like.

You will receive a downloadable version of just your 10 minute TV Segment (without commercial breaks).  You may upload this to your youtube channel, add it to your instagram feed, LinkedIn, etc.

Lastly, we give you a month long supply of Social Media content!  We’ll send you up to ten 30 – 60 second custom reels and graphics – capturing your best moments & soundbites from your ten minute segment. You will receive a folder like this – with your social media content so you can continue to promote long after your TV segment has reached millions. This final asset will arrive within 30 days after your TV Broadcast


You have an amazing story & BUSINESS but so many people have never heard of you!

Imagine reaching millions of people with just one TV Segment! Your journey and experience can help so many.  Share your expertise on The URBAN ELITE  Network in CHICAGO! Sign up now below or book a discovery call today!