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There are many non-profit Black and Minority business organizations that aim to be of assistance to African American business owners. They are very helpful resources that offer valuable assets including grants, seminars, literature, consulting, and professional networking opportunities. There are also several government agencies that aim to assist minority business owners, including Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, and even women of all ethnic backgrounds.

Here are the best organizations that help Black and minority-owned businesses:

African Business Roundtable USA
The African Business Roundtable USA is a non-profit, non-partisan Black business organization composed of the chief executive officers of leading and frontline African owned businesses. It is a powerful and compelling advocate for a strong economy and a healthy business climate for African frontline businesses in the United States. The organization promotes trade, commerce, and cultural exchange through education between the United States and countries of the African Disapora.

Black Business Association (BBA)
The Black Business Association (BBA), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization headquartered in Los Angeles, California. They have access and influence with more than 85,000 African-American-owned and women/minority-owned firms via strategic alliances with more than 100 women/minority trade associations in more than 42 states nationwide.

Black Business and Professional Association (BBPA)
The BBPA, founded in 1983, is a non-profit, charitable organization that addresses equity and opportunity for the Black community in business, employment, education and economic development. Based in Toronto, Canada, their mission is to advance Canada’s Black communities by delivering programs that support business and professional excellence, higher education and economic development.

Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA)
The Minority Business Development Agency is a minority business organization that supports job growth and economic expansion through a network of business centers that are specifically designed to help minority-owned business. This agency, managed by the U.S. Department of Commerce, strongly believes that the U.S. economy continues to benefit from a strong minority business sector.

National Association of Black Accountants (NABA)
NABA is a Black business organization that addresss the professional needs of African American accountants, and aims to build leaders that shape the future of the accounting and finance profession with an unfaltering commitment to inspire the same in their successors. The association aims to unite and assist professionals and students who have similar interests and ideals, and are committed to excellence in the field of economics and accounting.

National Black Chamber of Commerce
This organization is dedicated to economically empowering and sustaining African American communities through entrepreneurship and capitalistic activity within the United States and via interaction with the Black Diaspora.

National Black MBA Association (NBMBAA)
This association aims to empower minority business professionals through a wide range of strategic business forces, including career and education programs, entrepreneurship, lifestyle, and leadership. Based in Chicago, IL, their mission is to lead in the creation of economic and intellectual wealth for African Americans.

National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC)
The National Minority Supplier Development Council is the global leader in advancing business opportunities for certified Asian, Black, Hispanic and Native American business enterprises and connecting them to member corporations. This minority business organization was founded in 1972 in New York City, the organization NMSDC provides increased procurement and business opportunities for minority businesses of all sizes.

National Sales Network (NSN)
The National Sales Network (NSN) is a 501(c)(3), not-for-profit membership organization whose objective is to meet the professional and developmental needs of African-American sales and sales management professionals. They also help other individuals who want to improve their professional sales skills. They have local chapters all around the country, and conduct several annual skill development seminars.

U.S. Black Chambers, Inc. (USBC)
The U.S. Black Chambers, Inc. (USBC) is an association of over 100 self-sustaining, viable Black Chambers and small business associations nationwide. They provide committed, visionary leadership and advocacy in the realization of economic empowerment. Through the creation of resources and initiatives, they support African American Chambers of Commerce and Black business organizations in their work of developing and growing Black enterprises.

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