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Introducing the Urban Elite Network: a trailblazing media platform that’s redefining what it means to empower, educate, and inspire the African American community. With a commitment to excellence and inclusivity, we go beyond entertainment to provide resources that truly make a difference in the lives of our audience.
Boasting multiple channels on both Roku and Amazon Fire, we have the ability to scale and adapt to the diverse needs and interests of our viewers. Our innovative approach allows content creators to embed their channels on their websites, fostering a seamless integration of content and online presence.
What sets us apart is our comprehensive range of services, designed to uplift and support local businesses. From our online publication and professional photography services to our dedication to showcasing African American children’s stories, we’re a one-stop destination for those seeking growth and success.
But that’s not all. We’re proud to pioneer the discussion and education of Black tech in our resource center – a topic often overlooked by other networks. We believe in fostering a well-rounded understanding of our rich cultural heritage, and technology plays a vital role in shaping our future.
At the Urban Elite Network, we’re more than just a media platform; we’re a community builder. Our mission is to see our community thrive, and we’ll continue to innovate, educate, and inspire to make that vision a reality. Experience the Urban Elite Network difference – where we don’t just entertain, we empower.



we are NOT Tubi
The Urban elite network platform is about more than just entertainment – it’s about creating a space that celebrates Black history, culture, and stories
Whereas Tubi is a bit of a free-for-all with a lot of content that can be hit or miss, the Urban Elite Network is curated and focused on the Black experience. It’s not just about providing a bunch of shows to watch – it’s about creating a space that celebrates Black culture and stories in

a way that’s unique and meaningful. It’s more like a cultural hub than just another streaming service.



Discover fresh narratives from new voices:

Insightful dramas and comedies showing our community’s joy, struggles, and triumphs
Enriching documentaries highlighting hidden figures and unsung milestones
Inspiring shows edifying the mind and uplifting the spirit for youth audiences
We curate programming showcasing African American experiences across genres to enlighten and entertain. Our platform allows discovery of rising creatives who promote progress through positive images.



Make Our Vision Reality

We welcome newcomers who share our motivation to uplift minority voices through quality film, audio and video. Submit your productions emphasizing community, culture and good conscience for consideration.

Let’s realize the full potential of independent entertainment together. Join our network of elite content creators providing programming by us and for us. Unite through media making an impact.



Urban Elite Network –
Where Our Truths Take the Stage

Ways to Support 

Support Our Shared Vision

Urban Elite Network uplifts minority voices and shines light on undiscovered talent not given their due shine. If you believe in our mission to platform enriching content showcasing the full breadth of African American life, here are impactful ways you can show support:

Watch and Engage: Simply viewing, liking, and commenting on our curated indie films, shows, music and podcasts gives creators exposure and incentive to produce more enlightening art reflecting our identities.

Share and Promote: Spread the word to those lacking mirror images of themselves in media and entertainment. Follow and amplify messages from Urban Elite Network  across your social channels. Shout out a creator you discovered to put them on more radars.

Provide Feedback: Your responses help creators best resonate with audiences seeking authentic portrayals of minority journeys. Provide suggestions via comments or email on impactful narratives we should be amplifying.

Contribute Financially: Even small recurring monthly donations sustain our operating costs and allow expansion of channels showcasing undiscovered gems. Support the grassroots creatives relying on our platform.

Create Compelling Content: Are you an indie filmmaker, podcaster, musician or showrunner creating works uplifting our community? Submit your pieces through UrbanEliteNet.com for consideration to be featured.

Spread positivity. Amplify marginalized voices. Support indie artists expanding representation. Together, we elevate every echelon of creativity stemming from communities of color. Our voices unite to enact change using media as the microphone.

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